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Cleaning Team at Work

Work Cycle

1. Dust and Debris removal 

     Trades leave lots of garbage and dust behind,            we will clean it 

2. Detail cleaning

     Details are likely to be missed like corners and           crevices, we will clean it

3. Disinfection

     COVID-19 and other harmful microbes, we will           clean it 

4. Final Check-up 

     Lock the door, make sure there is no re-entrance       till the real owner or tenant enters 

Crew Structure

  • Project manager 

       Receives daily reports from TLs 

       produce progress report to the Superintendent

       Final check on all the teams' work

  • Team Lead 

       Works with cleaners, report to PM every day

       Team leader checks their team's work

  • Cleaners 

       Self-check and responsible for their own work

       report to TL 

Work Flow

1. Set a feasible work schedule

2. Assign tasks and quotas to individual teams

3. Cleaning 

4. Every cleaner self-checks their own work, reports to TL

5. Team Lead checks the team's work, reports to the PM

6. PM final checks all teams' work, makes a progress report 

7. PM report to the Superintendent 


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